Share & Stakeholders

Relations with Business Partners

A proper choice of business partners is vital for the success of the Company.We shall maintain mutually lasting and beneficial relationships with all our suppliers, customers and other business partners.We shall respect the interests of all our business partners and in our dealings with them, shall act with fairness, integrity and transparency.

Customer satisfaction

We are dedicated to meet the expectations of our customers better than our competitors. In order to enable us to live up to our company standards and to create an excellent long-term partnership with our Key Customers, we created a Customer Satisfaction Survey. The goal is to evaluate our Business with our Key Customers, with focus on tightening our relationship for the future and to excel as a number one supplier to the facility of our Key Customers.

Stakeholder communication

VCST encourages an ongoing dialogue with his stakeholders. Effective communication is essential to avoid misrepresentations, misstatements, misleading impressions and untruths. We shall, on a regularly basis, provide reliable and meaningful information about our products, services, operating results, shareholding structure and other activities.