Gear research at VCST focusses on four main areas: new materials (and their heat treatment), new processes, fast prototyping and noise optimalisation. 

New material/heat treatment combinations and new manufacturing processes are being tested on pulsator, pitting, machining and noise behaviour. VCST works together with the KUL (University of Leuven) and WZL (Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering) of the Technical University of Aachen.

For fast prototypes, one of the initiatives is being worked out in a european sponsored project “AMCOR”, where 15 companies are working together on new technologies.

A major part of the VCST research is concentrated on gear noise improvements. We have developed and patented several solutions for anti-backlash gears and for setting the lash in a gear train, improving the rattle noise behaviour. Current research focusses on improving the whine noise behaviour through waviness investigations and transmission error measurements.  VCST have developed their own noise test rig for this kind of fundamental research.