VCST: Continental Supplier of the Year 2012

June 20, 2013


“We’re proud to announce that VCST Reichenbach wins the 2012 SUPPLIER OF THE  YEAR  award in the Category Aluminium Extrusions and Machining!”.

These illustrious words were spoken on Continental’s top Suppliers venue in Frankfurt on June 20 2013 by Mr Wilfried Wessolleck, Purchasing Director of the Disivion Chassis and Safety.


Out of 3000 Suppliers, Continental focuses on about 1000 potential Nominees selected on the BASE results of their performance.

It’s remarkable that over all different Purchasing Clusters and Categories, a maximum of merely 14 Suppliers can make it to the TOP. VCST Reichenbach is one of them.

And what’s even more remarkable, VCST Reichenbach wins this award now for the 4th time in the last 12 years, beating or equaling all other Suppliers of Continental over all Purchasing Categories. Top notch !