Engineering within VCST comprise both product and process development groups as well as project implementation teams.

Product Development

Product development scope is built on two prime pillars :

  • fundamental research and generation of innovative solutions that are presented to the market as technology push, often supported by patents. 
  • application developments on specific customer needs and requirements. 

Combination of both directions create tailored solutions and added value for our customers and have proven to be rewarding in various recent customer projects.

Process Development

The Process Development group designs detailed machining processes and layouts for new desired products generated through Product development or through customers RFQ's. Process setups take into account VCST's equipment and technology policies and are designed for manufacturability to allow for "best cost" operations.  

Project Engineering

VCST adheres to a strict APQP planning together with its customers according to the TS16949 standard. The multifunctional group of high leveled Project Engineers (mechanical, electrical, quality) is responsible to deliver project milestones within the agreed targets. Project teams are located globally and work "on site" depending on where each project is implemented. A strict reporting structure is created in technical teams and steering committees to follow up and concur with customer's expectations.